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Steven R. Burt, born in Salt Lake City in the early 1950’s, read most of his favorite books at the breakfast table, under his bedspread with a flashlight, or in the backseat of his family car. He read three different publications of the 'A' encyclopedia, because the $0.98 introductory copies sold in grocery stores were all the family budget would allow. Eventually he became an architect, a profession from the 'A' volumes, but always felt books were his true passion, so he wrote one: the story of a young detective, a kidnapped girlfriend, Cold War Russian spies, and quite possibly the best idea Nikola Tesla ever had. He is an Affiliate Member of Mystery Writers of America. Hint of Copper is his debut novel.

5 Things Contractors Can Do Today to Irritate Architects:

1)      Say “I’ve never had to do that before…”  Well, maybe you haven’t. But maybe you should have been doing that and you just didn’t realize it. Or just maybe this project is just different and has its own requirements. Never … Continue reading

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5 Things Architects Can Do Today to Irritate Contractors:

1)      Set bid deadlines for the day after a holiday or a weekend. Maybe you’ve scheduled a weekend golf outing or a week-long trip to the cabin. Wouldn’t it be nice to come in Monday morning and find a stack … Continue reading

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